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Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code
Pins and Needles

Not such great story telling and exhaustive research that can be chalked up to a handful of books.
The NY Time's review states that Brown's latest novel is "Umberto Eco meets Tom Clancy.." This does a great disservice to both authors. Eco's knowledge of the subject matter spans a lifelong academic period. He truly invented the intellectual thriller and has to date been unequaled. Some reviewers have bemoaned the fact that Brown did not included a bibliography at the end of "The Da Vinci Code." It may have been because his so-called exhaustive research could in fact be boiled down into a handful of non-fiction books. HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL, which stirred controversy and raised the holy bloodline issue decades ago. THE TEMPLAR REVELATION by Picknett and Clive Prince discussed almost word for word the DaVinci Hoax: The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper (Mary Magdalene's substitution as St. John and the fact that "...Da Vinci painted himself as the second disciple on the right, looking away from Jesus." And again the veneration of John the Baptist over Christ in The Adoration of the Magi and The Virgin of the Rocks. Add Gilbert's MAGI, Graham Hankock's THE SIGN AND THE SEAL and a quick read of Joseph Campbell and ... there's your "exhaustive research." To this stew we simply include a pinch of the well-known factoids. Being, secret societies have worshiped female [self esteem], and that "sexual secrets" lie at the very heart of Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, and even fundamental Freemasonry; what's the end result? Modern feminism wrapped in the arms of Europe's Best Known secret: the worship of feminine wisdom.
As a writer, I could overlook all of this and do laud Brown for plunging into the waters of controversy by undemonizing the Gnostic so-called heresy, if it weren't for the fact that this novel fails in it's main goal: the creation of an intelligent and fast-paced thriller. The prose is sophomoric, some of the technical details of real police procedure (even European) are laughable, and the attempt at suspense becomes highly predictable. To compare this to the craftsmanship of authors such as Clancy, Ludlum, or other suspense thriller writers is pure hype. Novelists such as Koontz, Levin, Farris, and even King and Chrichton--bring a sublime and well-tuned racing engine to their work. They hurtle you down the track, easing up on the throttle just enough for you to catch your breath and then, pound you back into your seat with shuddering G-forces. Whereas, Brown barely manages to place you within a soapbox derby.
To say that one should dismiss Brown's poorly fleshed out characters in favor of the plot misses the mark and the purpose of fiction writing. Yes, Langdon and Sophie are merely conduits for information dumping in the form of dialogue, indeed. Langdon, in particular, without motivation, without subtext and background immediately becomes cartoonish. If we don't care about him why the hell should we care what happens to him?
And the action sequences are quite a snooze. Perhaps, only DoubleDay really cares about our hero but in the form of [dollars].
If you want to read something along this line, which is far more original, well-written, full of vivid prose, ... and break-neck action combined with esoteric lore as well as European scenic backdrops--read R. Douglas Weber's PROTOCOL-17.
Dean Koontz's DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART and even, Robert Ludlum's THE SIGMA PROTOCOL are also recommended for ... fans.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 4/5
The Da Vinci Code
An interesting fiction with historical facts!

I knew Dan Brown with "Angels and Demons". "The Da Vinci Code" is similar in its action and structure. I liked both books because they combine fiction with history and an excellent description of museums, churchs and other esoteric/historical landmarks.
If you are looking for a literary book, this is not. HOwever, if you are looking for an excellent thriller, intelligent and very well written, this is the book.
In fact, I want to read Brown's previous books.

Product: Book Paperback
Title: Cracking Da Vinci's Code: You've Read the Fiction, Now Read the Facts
Publisher: Cook Communications
Authors: James Garlow
Rating: 1/5
Cracking Da Vinci's Code: You've Read the Fiction, Now Read the Facts

I thought this would be a book about the facts, fiction and distinction between, from Brown's Da Vinci Code. I even bought it over others like it because of the authors credentials. However, it was without a doubt one of the most biased books I have read in some time. In the Priory Hoax section on page 112 it even reduces itself to name calling to make us not even want to explore the posibility of an alternate viewpoint. Don't buy this unless you are a Christian (and I'm a Christian)who is scared of any change and want to use it to back up your onesided views.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code
Controversial and compelling...

With the recommendation of family and friends, I finally read The Da Vinci Code. This book has become the hot topic of debate and seems to be quite controversial in the religious forefront. Some might say this is just another crazy conspiracy theory against the church or just another wild goose chase for the Holy Grail. But, this book is so much more. It opens the door for many to understand our history closer to the way it happened versus the way it was previously written. It challenges the MEN of the church, NOT Christianity. I am a Christian and yet, I found this book to be the simple voice spoken to the common person bringing forth truths that have been buried for centuries. This book teaches its own lesson just by the writing of it: Look past the characters towing the story along and read the real message. That applies to religion as well. It doesn't matter why you read this book (the suspense factor, the controversial enticement, the religious tinge, the information, or just because) and it doesn't even matter if you believe what it says, but, READ IT!!

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code
An Excellent Fact Based Account of Religious History

From the first page to the last, this book is packed with documented facts everyone needs to know about. This book attempts to, with superb detail, let the world know the truth about our Christian religious history.
Dan brings to the reader an exciting passage of experience into the realms of the esoteric.
A must read for anyone in search of the truth!

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 1/5
The Da Vinci Code
You will not believe how bad this book is.

The Da Vinci Code is really two different books pushed together. One of the books is awful and the other is unbelievable. The awful part of the book is the thriller. The main characters, like all main characters, are trying to uncover a mystery while be chased around by an appropriately bizarre killer (a super-strong albino Catholic fanatic). This part relies on some of the oldest cliches in mystery/thriller writing, including the dying man leaving obscure clues as to who killed him instead of just writing the killer's name. He supposedly doesn't do the latter because the killer might be watching him, but his behavior in leaving clues behind is so bizarre that if his killer was watching he would have to realize something was going on.For a thriller to work, we need to care something about the characters. That's impossible here because the main characters have no personalities. One is a man and one a woman, but there doesn't seem to be the slightest thing interesting about them. They are in no way distinctive human beings. There are comic book characters with more depth than the ones you find here.Thrillers of course turn on the characters trying to uncover some mystery, or acquire something that someone evil wants. That gives the writer the excuse to have his characters being chased around, shot at etc. until the conclusion. Alfred Hitchcock famously referred to the thing that is being fought over as a "McGuffin." Normally no one cares that much about the McGuffin. Here, the McGuffin takes over the entire book. The McGuffin here is the Holy Grail, which is very different than any would think who knows it only from Arthurian romances. And it is Brown's explication of what the Holy Grail "really" is about that is driving the sales of the books. Brown bases his theory on sources that have been known to be false for centuries. However, it appeals to a certain segment of the population, and most people will uncriticly accept what he has to say. For anyone with access to archives of the New York Times Book Review section, I suggest that they read the back of the Book Review for 2/22/04 for more on Brown's sources.Normally I wouldn't care about what wacky McGuffin the characters in a thriller were chasing -- I like the X Files for years without ever believing in aliens -- but here it is Brown's statements about the Holy Grail that are responsible for the success of the book. This success is not deserved.I gave this book 1 star only because Amazon does not allow you to give a book no stars.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 2/5
The Da Vinci Code
Very Disappointing

As an employee of one of the major chains, I had access to a preview copy of the book. We were encouraged to handsell this book, so I thought I should read it. I don't think I've been so disappointed in a book since "The Celestine Prophecy".
The writing style is mediocre at best. At first I liked the short chapters that intercut between characters so that you feel you are reading the story in real time. But this device became very tedious when a character, usually Sophie or Langdon, would go into long reveries about some detail in the past.
The plot device of following the clues wears thin rather quickly. It becomes a cross between a roller coater ride & a scavenger hunt.
The anti-Catholic tone is strident & ridiculous. Throughout the book we are led to believe that the Vatican (is the Vatican a person now?) is behind the conspiracy or involved in some way. Then Brown just drops the insinuation. Vatican motives were not so evil after all.
I was willing to go along with the parts set in France, but when the scene moves to Britain, I began to notice the little niggling errors about places I have been. The author describes people as "grave-rubbing" in Westminster Abbey. The proper temr is brass-rubbing and it has been a very long time since anyone was permitted to do brass rubbings in the Abbey. This indicates that Mr Brown may not have done as much research as he should have.
Dan Brown chooses the most outlandish of interpretations and then presents them as facts. This leads to wild deductions.
The characters are flat and cartoonish. Am I the only reader who thinks he was a bit hard on the French police?
The only reason I give it two stars is because it kept my attention half way through the book. I had to force myself to finish it. I read Patterson's "The Jester" in the same month. It may be a while before I can force myself to read another hyped thriller.
If you want to read this kind of thriller, Arturo Perez-Reverte is much better at it. Try "The Flanders Panel", an amazing book that will not disappoint.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code
Beware O Close-Minded People!!

I just finished reading this unbelievably entertaining and meticulously researched story...all I could say was WOW! It was definitely a page-turner to the point where, I must admit, I was beginning to wonder if the climax and resolution would live up to my expectations! Without giving anything away, I'll say this...you will be glued until the last page. Any negative reviews of this book seem to be from people offended by some of the ideas presented by Mr. Brown as he does deal with two VERY taboo subjects, namely, religion and politics. Having knowledge of many different religions, however, some of the theories did make a lot of sense to me. I think they struck a chord with my own personal beliefs about the Bible. Whatever your religious stance, this book is definitely not for the close-minded! Loved it!

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code
DA VINCI CODE and IRON COFFIN are my two favs for the year.

Having just finished Dan Brown's masterful religious puzzler DA VINCI CODE and John Mannock's heartwrenching WWII U-boat tale IRON COFFIN, I feel I've gotten a year's worth of top-quality fiction in less than three weeks! DA VINCI is a tremendous detail mystery--a twisting, turning, maze of a book that provokes serious thought about the foundations of Christianity and the dirty little secrets the established Church keeps. I won't give it away, but buy Dan Brown's latest--it'll keep you up all night finishing it!

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 1/5
The Da Vinci Code
If you're Twelve You'll LOVE IT!

Reads quite a bit like a "chose your own adventure novel"... Every chapter ends with some kind of predictable nonsense along the lines of:
Robert stood there, marveling at the amazing thing on the floor, speechless.
"That simply CANNOT be what I think it is!" said Sophie, her mouth struggling for the words, popping open and closed like a fish's
"Yes it is!" exclaimed Robert, the excitement overtaking him. "YES YES YES! IT IS! What else can it be!"
Sophie looked on silently, her eyes firmly locked on the incredible thing resting on the floor in front of them. "My GOD!" she said, shivering with excitement. "IT SIMPLY MUST BE!!!!"
End of Chapter
sorry, you'll have to wait thirty five pages to discover that its a frog... and you won't mind that the frog has nothing to do with the story, because shortly afterwards Robert Langdon will look up in the sky and say, "OH MY GOD! Look SOPHIE! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO! Is that what I think it is!???!!?!?!"
"It must be! but it can't be!" said sophie, covering her face and crying.
=>insert projective vomit here.Yeah.... that's right! He ends his CHAPTERS ON CLIFFHANGERS! And, by the way, his characters don't develop, in any WAY at all! Forget all the unfortunate nonsense about biblical misrepresentations and historical innacuracies... it doesn't matter, this is ridiculous! How could the Christians view this book as a threat? Who would take the hearsay reassurance of the introductory "all riturals described in this book are real" at face value?
One of the most poorly written books I've ever made my way through, the novel constantly asserts facts as though they were truth, using fictional characters as resource material. The fact that people think they're being educated about ANYTHING by reading this pulp trash is hilarious.
It's characters are architypal self-parodies.It's story is contrived and forced upon an interesting concept.
It only gets worse and more disjointed the more you go along.
It feels like you're reading the screenplay for a bad PC rpg.
It pretends to educate you about the truth of the Catholic church (by using extraordinarily selective sources.... just to clarify, I'm not christian... I'm agnostic... and still I was offended by the flippant pretence of this novel)
PLEASE! Someone tell me why this book is selling so well? Do people really need such cheap entertainment? Are people so unwilling to think while they read anymore? Isn't Vanity Fair magazine more informative than this tripe? I can't take it! I really can't! this is SO Horribly BAD! COME ON!
I bought this book because it sold well... I couldn't believe it... Please people, don't buy into it! This is the literary equivolent of the Titanic movie. It's easy cheap, pretentious literature for people who do not read enough to know how much it sucks. Run from it, pick up ANYTHING instead.... you'll be glad later... trust me. I lost a few hours of my life to this book, I just want to help you to avoid that same horrifyingly pointless experience.
This is probably the most basic fiction I've ever encountered, pathetically obvious in its indulgences and struggling desperately to captivate its audience (by whatever means possible).

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