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Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 4/5
The Da Vinci Code
An Amazing Page Turner

I admit, I was clueless about the hype surrounding this book. I just knew that it was on the bestseller list. So, I saw it on the library shelf, and thought I'd give it a whirl. My favorite books are thrillers and mysteries, but sadly, the stuff that's being churned out these days is pretty much garbage. I didn't start this one with much hope, either.Boy was I surprised! I am a former Christian minister (now a "New Ager") who's just now starting to explore the Divine Feminine. (You know how taboo *that* is, right? And believe me, it ain't just Catholicism...) I knew that El Shaddai meant many-breasted one, but that was about it. The information in this book blew me away. It all made perfect sense to me. (Although I can certainly see how it would enrage Christians!) It's very rare that you find a book that is both an engaging work of fiction *and* a deliverer of historical and mystical ideas. It has whet my appetite to explore the Divine Feminine and this aspect to spirituality that I've been missing out on due to my upbringing. For some reason, I felt the first 3/4 was the best part of the book, but it was very satisfying on all levels--even the ending. However, Brown gets into too much detail with architecture, the looooong cat and mouse part at Westminister Abbey, etc. A good deal could have been trimmed from this book.The characters are memorable and unique: an Albino monk, an Englishmen in Paris who walks on metal crutches, a hot-head French capitan,... I felt as if I could see each and every one. Setting wise, all the French streets and architectual references were lost on me, but the details didn't take away from the pace of the novel, nor the intrigue. Technically, Brown did everything he was supposed to: ended the chapters with hooks, shifted perspectives fluidly, "showed not told", etc. It's formulaic...but formula *works*.You'll enjoy this book if you love good fiction and if you have an open mind.

Product: Book Paperback
Title: De-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
Authors: Amy Welborn
Rating: 5/5
De-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The Da Vinci Code
Well researched, unlike the book it debunks

Amy Welborn's well researched book is a must read for anyone who is in a position to have to respond to the fiction of the "Da Vinci code." De-Coding Davinci is in agreement with history and historians throughout the world who take exception to Brown's flight of fancy wrapped up with a smattering of reality.If you watched the National Geographic special or the MSNBC special on Brown's Da Vinci Code book, then you already know that it isn't only Christians, but world and art historians who have to deflect the false history of Brown's popular book. Since readers have begun taking alternate-history books as true and making professional historians re-prove the past, a good place to start is with the Amy Welborn's book.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 4/5
The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition
C- for Accuracy, A+ for Fun

'The Da Vinci Code' is an old-fashioned page-turner. Although the fiendishly-difficult puzzles in the story aren't all that fiendish (or even particularly difficult), the plot moves like a runaway train. Intrigue, murder, history, art, religion, and conspiracy... What more could a reader ask for? There's even a sex cult. (Okay, it's a pagan fertility cult and the sex takes place off-camera, but it's the thought that counts.) Dan Brown does a wonderful job bundling a series of diverse historical events into a coherent and believable story, populated with compelling characters. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, and the bumbling cops are... well... bumbling.

I'd love to give this book five stars, but I can't. The historical `facts' are bent a bit too far for the sake of the story, and one recurring plot device reminded me unpleasantly of that trick that children love to play at Christmas: the large and colorfully wrapped box, which contains a smaller box, which contains a smaller box... Although watching the victim open box after box seems endlessly entertaining to the 11 year old perpetrator of the gag, the game is a bit tiresome after the second box. By the time you get to the last tiny box at the center, whatever present it contains will almost certainly fail to justify the effort.

Those quibbles aside, however, `The Da Vinci Code' is a lot of fun.

Jeff Edwards, Author of "Torpedo: A Surface Warfare Thriller"

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 1/5
The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code--what a disappointment

This book kept my eyes glued to it! The plot compiles one conflict on top of another and switches point-of-view frequently. In doing so, Brown keeps the reader in suspense. The symbology also give something to think about. CHRISTIANS BEWARE, I am a staunch believer in Jesus Christ, and at times in the novel some of the conversations made me cringe. It is not that the story presents Christianity in a bad light(excluding Opus Dei), it is that it makes no distinction between the fact and fiction. Either way, the book is a great read and was definitely worth my time.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code
Could Not Put It Down.... six ( 6 ) stars, if available!

Rave reviews from Publishers Weekly and BookSense 76 lead me to believe that "The Da Vinci Code" was just the thing for fans of intelligent thrillers by Arturo Perez-Reverte or Wilton Barnhardt's "Gospel." It is just the opposite. Those are the sort of readers who will be bored stiff by this novel's cardboard characters, cornball plot, and melodramatic writing. "The Da Vinci Code" is rife with factoids about Church history, the symbolism of the pentacle, Opus Dei, and Fibonnaci numbers which are pretty interesting and propel the plot for awhile, but showing off tidbits of knowledge is no substitute for actually creating believeable fiction.This book will work better as a movie (its obviously intended purpose) when actors can flesh out the characters, a director can create some atmosphere, and the factoids may sound profound and less like a lecture. More intelligent, more fun, and more exciting time can be spent rereading "Gospel," or discovering that big juicy book for the first time.

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