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Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code

Any person who reads this book will have their eyes opened wider than ever before. You do not have to be a lapsed catholic to enjoy the mysteries surrounding the Roman Catholic Church. Dan Brown is a master at using words to create a scene like no other author.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 4/5
The Da Vinci Code
....Great story, by the way.

The "Da Vinci Code." Brown bases his story around the history of the Holy Grail and the Priory of Sion. Since there has been much controversy with "Brown's history", I decided to find out what some of the greatest thinkers of our time thought about this thing we call "history":
"History, history! We fools, what do we know or care." -William Carlos Williams
"Imagination plays too important a role in the writing of history, and what is imagination but the projection of the author's personality." -Pieter Geyl
"The historian must not try to know what is truth, if he values his honesty; for if he cares for his truths, he is certain to falsify his facts."-Henry Adams
"History is always written wrong, and so always needs to be rewritten." -George Santayana
"Very deep, very deep is the well of the past. Should we not call it bottomless?" -Thomas Mann
"[History is] a graveyard of aristocracies." -Vilfredo Pareto
"In analyzing history do not be too profound, for often the causes are quite superficial." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
"History is, indeed, an argument without end."-A.M. Schlesinger, Jr.
I hope this makes you think about what it is you call "history."
I can summarize the wake the "Da Vinci Code" has created in one word: ridiculous. Like many others with a strong opinion of this book, I should mention that I am not Christian. Why people feel they have to include that they are a Christian when giving their view on this book is obvious, and it made me think about my beliefs when it comes to religion. Among them, what I'm not religiously is an individual with the illusion that someone is making a direct attack on my beliefs when he says something that contradicts it. That is, being as blunt as I can, what the radical Christian does not realize. A radical Christian believes anything that questions his sacred Bible is slander and an attack on his "code of life." He, like many others, has an antisocial illusion that people with different beliefs are only out to ruin them when one raises a question on his religion; he is the one who turns a deaf ear to something he will not take the time to think about--simply because he is horrified to realize a truth in what before he had not realized. A radical Christian does not realize, or will not listen to, contradicting history. Even his Christian history, is not fact, but only fiction. For what is fact? Fact is only based on perception. Does that not make it uncertain? But yet some people are not capable of understanding what I have just said, and those, I feel, are the same people who shun this book off when they call it anti-Christian, or anti-History. Those who cry "anti, anti, anti" are the same one's who do not think about the quote Brown included in his book: "History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." That's what this book makes you think about after you've finished. That's a reason why I enjoyed it....That may even be Brown's thesis!
And as for the "history" in this book, what Brown stated as "fact" (used in its everyday sense) is true. The Priory of Sion and Opus Dei do exist, and the "descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals" in the novel are, quote, "accurate". Everything else, past the first page, was never called "fact, or accurate" by Brown. Those who said Brown is biased on some of the history in his story are not mistaken. They are right only in some cases. But I will never understand why some think Brown tried to trick readers into making non-history, history. But I do know that those who make that argument are very wrong, and need to re-read what it is they are criticizing. The first page in the "Da Vinci Code" was written for a purpose, one of those being to rid the book of the criticism with its "history." Again, Brown uses the word "FACT" in bold face, in large font, on the very first page, for a reason. It is quite obvious.
We call some books "thrillers." And the "Da Vinci Code" is a thriller. It is a great beach book, entertaining and easy to read. There is a reason for all the good reviews this book has been given, and it's one of the best thrillers I have read in the past year. If you enjoy a good lay-read book, I recommend picking this one up before starting another.
...One thing "stood" out at me while I was reading some reviews, it was--to wit: "There was no way I could just sit by quietly while so many people are making all sorts of judgements [sic] and opinions about my God and what He stood for." This was a long review, very criticizing, and the reviewer claims to be a devoted Christian. But how devoted is he? Do you not see the problem with what he said...."My God and what He stood for." The key phrase is "stood for", and I highly doubt that this is a typo since his entire review is grammatically correct. The problem with "stood," is that it's past tense, meaning God is dead. A true Christians knows he is not. And if he meant Jesus, who is not God (another problem), still he should not use the word "stood." Again, a Christian knows Jesus rose from his grave on the third day! Is there "no way" that he has not heard of Easter? This is what I am taking about! Ridiculous. What's more, there are many others just like it! This is the sort of garbage ignorant mongers create. Makes me wonder if he himself might actually be "anti-Christian"?

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 3/5
The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition
Cat n Mouse Game with sprinkles of Mysticism and Conspiracy

I must admit that seeing ABC News do an expose on the purported facts behind "The Da Vinci Code" captured my interest to the point where I had to get this book at all costs. And then I actually read it and I was disappointed.

As fascinating as Mr. Brown's Research is, and as alluring as each chapter-end cliffhanger is, the book, as a novel, has a few flaws. I'm not going to discuss whether Mr. Brown's research is accurate or not. That's a debatable topic left to scholars. My review deals strictly with "The Da Vinci Code" as a novel form. The one major gripe I had was the Police Official's motivation for pursuit. In the natural world of police investigations, such behavior, is just plain silly, and not taken seriously at all.

The book did not pursue the route I thought it would. Imagine this: what starts out as a murder investigation soon leads into the hunt for one of the most sought after relics in human history. The discovery of this relic could possibly mean big money and/or power for its discover. So, you would expect countries, spies, agents, to use whatever means possible to grab this relic. Maybe a war ensues. Sounds exciting, right? Alas, ... ho hum, nothing that exciting happens.

After everything is said and done, the book is simply a 1- to 2- day Scavenger Hunt with some action and interesting facts thrown in to fatten up the book. Chapter cliffhangers are nice. But as a whole, the book lacks the keys necessary to be labeled 'great'

Product: Book Paperback
Title: De-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
Authors: Amy Welborn
Rating: 5/5
De-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The Da Vinci Code
Even More Fun Than the Novel

I greatly enjoyed Dan Brown's *Da Vinci Code* but I have to admit that Amy Welborn's book was even more fun. With a delightful style and large doses of irony she analyzes Brown's claims: --That Constantine selected the books of the New Testament and invented the divinity of Christ. --That the early Church covered up Jesus' marriage to Mary Magdalene. --That Jesus originally designated her as the leader of his movement and that she in fact is the Holy Grail. While these claims seem quite exciting, Amy shows that the truth is even more startling. The controversy over *The Da Vinci Code* provides an opportunity to learn the facts about Christian origins. Skepticism is good both for Christians and non-Christians. Amy's book will help any honest inquirer. Read it and decide for yourself.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 1/5
The Da Vinci Code
This is what all the fuss is about???

I'll be blunt: If you liked this book you are an idiot. You know nothing about good writing OR about the Bible. I made it 2/3 of the way through before I tossed the book against the wall. The charactors are made of wood, got sick of the cliche bad guys and cliche cops, and got relly tired of all the facts being distorted or just plain wrong. What a waste of time.. The more I hoped it was going somewhere, the more nowhere it went..

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 3/5
The Da Vinci Code
Too predictible

The premise of the book is intriguing and the history presented made it a real page turner. The big disappointment for me was figuring out the final cryptex code well before the book's noted symbiologist, historian, and crytologist.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 1/5
The Da Vinci Code
Anti-Catholic Bigotry

This book is just another turgid attempt to foist anti-Catholic bigotry on the unsuspecting. It makes blatent errors about Catholicism that could have been solved just by looking in the catechism. I don't know any members of Opus Dei who are assassins. It smacks of how the Jesuits were portrayed in the 19th century. Amazing how anti-Catholic ignorance transcends time. No other religion gets treated this way or there would be cries of foul. Even non-Catholics will be offended by this book. Don't give the bigots your money. Buy something worthwile to read instead.

Product: Book Paperback
Title: The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code: A Challenging Response to the Bestselling Novel
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Authors: Richard Abanes
Rating: 5/5
The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code: A Challenging Response to the Bestselling Novel
Excellent, Concise Resource!

This title by Abanes is an excellent, concise resource for anyone wanting to clarify or verify the claims made in Dan Brown's book, "The DaVinci Code." The format of Abanes' book is a great help, for it lists various controversial areas that Brown addresses then provides an accurate, Christian response. This little volume is a breath of fresh air for the layperson who has been suffocated by the Code's academic-sounding arguments.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 5/5
The Da Vinci Code
Inspiring - Captivating - Absolutely Superb!

Wow! I am so turned on to the interesting factoids about Leonardo Da Vinci, Religion, Paganism, the Roman Catholic Church and more! I couldn't put this book down. It was a fabulous read, educational and full of suspense. I admit, it reads as if intended for a movie (wouldn't be a bit surprised!),but it's so damn good anyway. It truly charged me with interest in the topics mentioned above, I'm thirsty for more and researching! Take a chance, it's so worth it!

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Doubleday
Authors: Dan Brown
Rating: 1/5
The Da Vinci Code
Trite drivel

I will have to qualify this review by stating that I have only read the first five chapters. I would have read more, but Brown's writing style is so inane and uncreative, I couldn't stop laughing. Admittedly, it is quite difficult to refrain from snickering at such [paraphrased] gems like: "He resembled Harrison Ford in a tweed jacket". Of the almost infinite possibilities in which one can describe a person, the author chose this actor's visage. In my humble opinion, the novel is about par with "See Spot Run" or an English reading primer.

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