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Product: Book Paperback
Title: The Hobbit : The Enchanting Prelude to The Lord of the Rings
Publisher: Del Rey
Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien
Rating: 5/5
The Hobbit : The Enchanting Prelude to The Lord of the Rings
Now here's a great book

The Hobbit written by J.R.R. Tolkein
A Review Well, after reading the whole Lord of the Rings series in the summer of 2001 for the first time, I soon afterwards purchased the Hobbit and read it. Let me start by saying the anything by Tolkein is OVERRATED! Sure, he practically kickstarted the fantasy genre into creation (although not all of his concepts are original; most are based on historical mythology), and therefore is responsible for an unimaginable amount of literature and content in the world today. Without Tolkein's the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings, there would be no Dungeons and Dragons, and therefore no true joy in my life, hehe.
Anyway, the LOTR series was, admittedly (in which I admit in a somewhat resigned, even grudging, fashion) an excellent work. Tolkien has been heralded by many as quite possibly the best author of all time, but I beg to differ!

Okay, just because the Hobbit gave birth to fantasy means NOTHING to me!!! Listen to the following, and you will discover why I did give this book a five out of five rating but why I do not feel it does not entirely deserve such a high rating. Without a doubt it is a classic, respected and adored by many worldwide. Is that reason enough to call it one of the best books of the century? Well, I most certainly do not think so! Why not? Look at it this way: if one could rate one of the very first computers, those Apple/Macs that were so big and expensive that they took up a whole room, would one give such a computer a 5/5 just because, at the time, it was the best in the industry? OF COURSE NOT. One does not term such a computer a "classic" because if it weren't for that exact computer many technological advances in computer technology would have not even existed today? A bit confusing, perhaps, but the TRUTH. The fact is, that the Hobbit really isn't altogether anything remarkable, at least in comparison to the other fantasy books out today.

It's still good, though, I'll admit. Why do I feel this way, though, compared to all the other reviews? Most likely because I'm a heavy fantasy reader, and am used to reading much more complex, intricate, and contemporary fantasy than Tolkein. Furthermore, the fiction I read is so much more fast-paced and with hundreds of gallons of adrenaline that the Hobbit seems like something of a ROAD-BLOCK in my mind.

Nonetheless, I cannot deny that I DID enjoy the book and Tolkein is an exceptional writer, his imagination so great that he created an entire genre never before considered. I also recognize this book as one of the best books of the 20th century. How could it not be, after all, considering that it created a whole new genre?! I guess these comments and remarks are a bit contrary to my earlier rants in the review, but really I like Tolkien's books. My only problem with them is that I feel they are OVERRATED. Not too overrated, but overrated nonetheless.
So, to sum up my review and to give the read of this review an undeniable verdict, I advise them, regardless of their circumstances, to somehow get ahold of this book and read it. It is written in a very archaic fashion, which is another something I have difficulty enjoying, but it is, without a doubt, the most original, imaginative book ever written.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Lord of the Rings (Leatherette Collector's Edition)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Authors: J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: 5/5
The Lord of the Rings (Leatherette Collector's Edition)
This is the best book i have ever read!!!

I think that this was the best book that i have ever read. I am a seventh grader with a College reading level and i loved this book. I am into books like the Narnia Cronicles and The Brethren but they don't even compare to this. I have recently teac all thriteen books in the Redwall Series and they, too, were great books. Right after i read the Hobbit, i read the Lord of the Rings and i could not take my eyes off of the book. I read all 1100 pages in about four days and i was still captivated to read more. I would highly reccomond this book to people of all ages.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Lord of the Rings (Leatherette Collector's Edition)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Authors: J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: 5/5
The Lord of the Rings (Leatherette Collector's Edition)

I've enjoyed Lord of the Rings like no other work of prose, in not just the 20th century, but any century. I've read Steinbeck, Hemingway, Joyce, Faulkner, Heller, Orwell, and none have given me the pleasure of Lord of the Rings. It is as influential as any book that has ever been written, has superlative writing, outstanding pace, etc. It can work on multiple levels: great character development, gripping plot, deep symbolism; while most books (Ulysses, 1984) have just one or two of those three elements, Lord of the Rings have all. You can plop down on the couch and read them for fun, or you can conduct extensive studies dealing with mythological symbols and religious meanings. A 9-10 year old can read The Hobbit and love it, and a 50 year-old college PhD. can analyze it to no end. These books have the univeral appeal necissary to stand the test of time. Will people still read The Great Gatsby in a hundred years? Who knows. They WILL be reading Lord of the Rings. I can't recommend these books enough. Please, buy them, borrow them, check them out, or use any other means possible. Just read them. You'll never regret it. It's what introduced me to one of the greatest and most rewarding hobbies a man can ever have: literature.

Product: Book Hardcover
Title: The Lord of the Rings (Leatherette Collector's Edition)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Authors: J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: 4/5
The Lord of the Rings (Leatherette Collector's Edition)
Excellent, but not perfect

While I certainly agree that this is an excellent work of fiction, I was disappointed by the length of the book. It's most certainly too short. Tolkien spent so much time creating a world so vivid and so amazing, and yet I felt at the end of the novel (before i read the appendices) that I was at a loss for understanding on quite a few points. The appendices are a great help and cleared up most if not all of my confusion, but i wish that in place of the appendices, the stuff pertaining to before the War of the Ring was placed before the novel and the stuff happening afterward placed after the novel, with certain useful information (such as what the 3 elven rings are and how they got to where they are at the end of the novel), placed at the points where they would have been most useful. The way it is written, I think, detracts from the story because you have to go back and refer to things that you've already read to come to a better understanding of them early on instead of the last couple of pages all of a sudden these thigns turn up and, unfortunately, while they resolve the question of where the 3 elven rings were, no one has a clue how they got there, whether the people had them all along, whether they received them before the story took place, while it took place, or after it was over and now they're taking them out of the world. I'm sorry to be hanging on the negatives. The book was simply amazing, and I certainly reccomend it to anyone who is interested in reading it. I just wish that it had been written differently so as to provide for what I think would be the maximum understanding of the book from beginning to end without the need for "extra" stuff to clear things up.

Product: Book Audio CD
Title: The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, Book 2)
Publisher: Recorded Books
Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien
Rating: 5/5
The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, Book 2)
the new two towers

The Fellowship of the Ring has broken up. Although they banded together to protect Frodo and the One Ring to Rule Them All in the first book of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, at the end they were going three different directions. Frodo and Sam snuck off to Mordor so the others could not follow them. Merry and Pippin were taken by the Orcs. The remaining human, elf, and dwarf know they cannot follow Frodo. Instead they attempt to rescue the kidnapped hobbits.
They get involved with more Men, warriors, and the Riders of Rohan. They have to abandon their quest and go with the Riders. Mordor is growing stronger. The Orc armies are attacking further into Middle Earth and all are in danger. Merry and Pippin find themselves in strange company. The Orcs want them alive. They want to escape. Pippin is able to use his wits to prepare for that chance. He also is able to leave a message for the others in their group that he and Merry are alive. One battle kills off almost all the Orcs with them. He and Merry escape and meet the Ents. Treebeard is probably the oldest, and oddest, being in Middle Earth. Aragon, Legolas, and Gimli find unexpected help from an old friend. They then band together with the armies of Men to fight the beings from Mordor. The war will not be easy, but must be fought. Frodo and Sam discover it is no easier getting into Mordor than it is getting out. The dark land is well guarded. They gain an unexpected companion and guide, Gollum. Gollum wants the ring. Frodo has it. He promises not to hurt Frodo; he doesn't give up his dream of owning the ring. Sam doesn't trust Gollum. Gollum hates Sam. The trio have an uneasy truce as Gollum leads them through hidden paths into the Dark Lord's lands.
This middle book of the trilogy is filled with lengthy battles and wars. The Ents help make this book lighter, but this is the darkest third of the trilogy. It is difficult whether to feel sorry for Gollum or to despise him for what he has become. Everything that happens in this book is needed to bridge the beginning and the end in The Return of the King. Although only my second favorite of the three books so far, the description of Middle Earth, the characters, and the battles are outstanding.

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